Top 5 Cheapest Online RN to BSN Programs

Nursing – a profession recognized and respected throughout the world. And why shouldn’t it be respected? After all, it is associated with health care and medical sector and helps the humanity. Now the degree for nursing can easily be achieved through online nursing programs. RN stands for registered nurse whereas BSN stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.Here are the top five cheapest online RN to BSN programs out there.

University of Texas at Arlington:

They provide an online RN to BSN program degree to their students. They are priced less than $7000 so surf the internet for it and see if your demands and needs meet their criteria.

State University of New York System:

State university of New York System also known as SUNY also offers online RN to BSN programs. The clinical and lab work and practical work is carried out in your hometown. The students who were enrolled there in past few years found the program very enjoyable and fairly cheap. The university offers get-in-state tuition since it is online. The website for this university is

Fort Hays State University:

This university credits $170 per credit hour. The program offered by it is fully online and it is the cheapest and the most recognized of all. They also require clinical course but students have the option for completing their clinical resource locally. It is also registered with the Higher learning commission of the North Central Association of colleges and schools. Their online nursing program is also registered with Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education CCNE.

OHIO University:

The university credits $155 per credit hour. It is also one of the cheapest universities offering an online RN to BSN program. They do offer financial aid on need basis so go on, look for it on their site and see if you meet their criteria.go to for more information and updates.

University of Wyoming:

This university is located in Laramie, Wyoming. They offer online RN to BSN programs to their students. Their RN to BSN programs does not require any on-campus activity. The time period for the completion of this degree is around one year. The University of Wyoming is registered with the Higher Learning Commission. Their nursing programs are accredited with Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Furthermore, their programs are also approved by the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.

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Before applying for an online degree, research the internet carefully. Ask yourself if you really want this or not, and if you would have enough time to complete your studies. You don’t have to hurry up. Consider your career choices first. Then if you really want this, then search for the university that best meets your requirements.

Carefully, choose the university and consider if you want to do an online program or an on-campus program. Afterwards, consider your financial situation also and if necessary, apply for financial aid, scholarships and loan from the university. Make your choice wisely and spend your time carefully when applying for the online degree program.

How Will I Pay For My Nursing Degree?

Online nursing programs are amazing and useful programs for those looking to advance further in the nursing world.  Nursing can be an extremely rewarding but challenging career and thousands struggle to get into nursing because of the high educational costs.  Of course, getting into a career such as nursing does take lots of hard work and money.  However, there are many helpful resources that anyone can use to help pay for a nursing degree.

Nursing Scholarships

One of the most popular methods to help pay for RN to BSN online programs are nursing scholarships.  Scholarships come in different forms and even if someone is taking an online course to further their career, they may still be eligible for a scholarship.  Nurses will need to meet the criteria however to become eligible for a scholarship however they can be great methods to help further a student in the nursing world.  For students studying medicine also, they may be eligible for these types of scholarships in order to pay for a nursing degree but it does vary from school to school.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is one of the top methods to pay for a nursing degree today.  You do however have to meet some certain measurements in order to become eligible for financial aid.  For example, you cannot earn more than a certain amount per year and you have to be in either full time or part time studying.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many RN to BSN online programs will cost a lot of money but a fantastic way to help cover some, if not all, of the costs, is tuition reimbursement.  This is very popular and you may be able to get the tuition costs reimbursed from the hospital in which you work at.  Registered nurses who choose to move onto their BSN degrees may get their tuition covered by the hospitals they work for.  Every hospital has their own policies about this but it shouldn’t be too troublesome for most nurses.

Loans for Nursing Programs

Online nursing programs may still be eligible for loans.  Many nurses can look at a federal loan or grant to help them pay for their tuition whether they are looking to get into the medical world or further their medical knowledge.  However, if a nurse doesn’t qualify for a federal grant, they could still look at a private loan to help pay for some of the tuition.  This can still be a good option to consider because even if someone isn’t able to get a state grant, they can still look at a private loan to pay for their nursing degree.

You Can Get Help

To be honest, there are many types of resources available to help any potential nurse study.  They can all be excellent methods to help fund tuition costs and allow a nurse to get on the nursing ladder.  The costs may seem high but they can be easily covered so why not look at the methods available and get studying?

Top 10 RN to BSN Considerations

This article is about the questions you should ask yourself before applying to a RN to BSNprogram. So here are top ten considerations.
Will the BSN program I’m applying for will help me with career choices in future?

This should always be the first question you should be asking yourself when applying RN to BSN program. Unless you’re acquiring education just for the sake of your knowledge enhancement, then its fine. But if you’re not then you should definitely consider this.

Is your BSN program accredited?

There are many online BSN programs that are fake so their degree is of little to no value. So make sure that the BSN program you are applying for is accredited nationally. Don’t take any risk with the accreditation. Always confirm if the university’s program is accredited or more details at

How much is the BSN Program going to cost me?

Make sure that the BSN program you are applying for is financially suitable for you. If it is not, then you can always seek for financial aid through university scholarships and loans on need-basis.

Online RN to BSN program versus on-campus program?

Consider which one you want to apply for. Are you opting for the Online RN to BSN programor the on-campus program? Which will suit you the most? Which program meets your demands and needs the most? Ask yourself these questions before actually choosing.

If applying for online RN to BSN program, does the actual location matter?

The answer to this question is simply no. The actual location does not matter if you are applying for an online RN to BSN program.

How long is the program?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before applying anywhere. How long are you planning to complete your BSN program in? How fast can you do it? Will you be able to do it? What time period suits you?

Are there any special considerations for getting an online degree?
Generally, no. The online programs are quite the same as the on-campus programs. There is no major difference between them and they both are equally recognize now.

What are clinical hours?

Clinical hours are basically your lab and practical work. You can’t be a nursingstudent if you can’t apply the theoretical conclusion into real life situations. So these clinical hours are an important part of the online nursing program.

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What should I look in for a RN to BSN Program?

This can be easily summarized by diving many different factors into four main primary factors. First is the cost. You should get what you pay for. No more no less. Time is the second factor. You don’t have to take forever to complete your nursing program. Manage your time. Third is clinical. Look for the university which help students with clinical hours and gives them a slight relaxation on it too. The last one is accreditation. Make sure the university is accredited and well recognized.

When Can I start?

Start right now if you can! With the online programs, you can start at many times of the year. So go and search the internet.

5 Tips to Succeed in Nursing School

Receiving the acceptance letter from your favorite nursing university is a joy filled moment. You are about to start with an amazing, adventurous journey which would open different doors of success for you. But wait! What is that feeling you are getting? You feel excited yet scared at the same time? Fear not! Because it is totally normal. We all feel this way at some point on another in our lives. So today I’ll be mentioning the five pro tips for succeeding in nursing school. So take a look at them and I hope you find them helpful.

Maintain a positive attitude:

This is one of the major tips that you need to know for succeeding in a nursing school. Always maintain a positive attitude and always look on the bright side. Don’t be afraid to take risks and accept your weaknesses and fears. One of the main definitions of courage is to accept your weaknesses and fears and trying overcome them step by step. So try to find good in everything that is wrong and keep yourself motivated no matter what. And if you ever feel discouraged or disappointed, remember, that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. So start your nursing school with a big smile and a positive attitude.

Don’t get behind:

Yup! Another very important thing. Don’t get behind your studies. In other words, do not procrastinate. Never ever do that. Complete your assignments on time, pay attention during the lectures, highlight and summarize the points for everything that is important. Don’t get lazy; try to distract yourself by carrying out different activities if you ever feel lazy.

Familiarize with your advisor:

He or she will help you the most during your nursing program. So get to know him or her well enough and don’t be afraid to ask them about the questions related to the nursing profession. This may help you discover out what you actually want to do with your life.

Make sure you fully understand the courses:

Many students hesitate asking questions when they do not understand some lecture or some part of lecture. Never ever hesitate of asking question. If you don’t understand something then just simply go and ask. Be confident. And if you think you can’t just go and ask the questions then befriend some geniuses. Ask your friends to help you out. Try to study as much as you can but don’t stress yourself. Balance out your study time with curricular time.visit for more information.

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Develop time management skills for nursing:

Yes! Nursing is a profession in which you have to wisely and carefully manage your time. Every second counts. So when studying in a nursing school, try to develop time management skills. Schedule everything you do and try to follow that schedule. Again, if you procrastinate then you might not be able to make it through the nursing school. So, don’t be lazy, study as much as you can and get that nursing degree of yours!